Fed up but why?

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I dunno why I’ve been in a pissy mood all evening.

Techincally, today’s been quite successful; I got my new swimming costume (bit tight and higher cut than I meant… oops); and my new unleaded head for Rebecca.


– Missed a bunch of photo ops, because I intended to ‘get them on the way back’ – but…
– GPS replotted route for way back, added 20 miles and sent me up the motorway instead of the A-roads which I’d enjoyed all the way there. This also meant that I… didn’t get to take the photos.
– Missed the last Friday Evening Swim at Bristol North that there’s likely to be in my time here.
– Discovered that the busses to Clifton from here suck dead donkey shit for fun (1 hour to make a 20 minute journey to the centre of Bristol, *then* walk 1/4 mile in the rain, so you can wait for the bus going up into Clifton. Of course there’s no hope that you could get a bus back home *after* going to the pub, oh no.
– Missed the showing of Wallace and Gromit we drove to go and see, parking was *terrible*
– Discovered that the Hollywood Bowl was booked ’til 10. Not going bowling then.
– Found that Frankie and Bennys (sp.) was queue for table.
– Drove to Clifton, to go to Bar Icon and noticed… straight people. Yes, that’s right. Bristol’s utterly crap GLBT scene means that it’s gone back to being ‘Gay Friendly’. Woot. And called Eldon House. *sigh*.

So, even the 3 rounds of pool (lost, 2:1 to Trey, incidentally) haven’t really cheered me up.


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