Pleeease let me speak to a human

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I did try to sort out travel insurance, which I think I get free with my bank account, but it was somewhat like drilling teeth.

Eventually I got through to a human (4? 5? something like that, layers of automated menus with either speech ‘I heard “other services”, is that correct?’ ‘no!’ ‘I’m sorry, let’s try that again’ Gaaah! Or, alternatively a selection of inappropriate options… “Press 1 to Destroy…all…humans, Press 2 to make a policy claim, Press 3 to get down on your knees and beg to speak to a real human, Press 4 to suffer electrocution via phone”), she told me I needed to go to a branch. *sighs*

Anyway, time to make my way to the supermarket where, I believe, they have… a photo booth. Thus enabling me to get a passport. We hope.

I also went for a swim this morning, after digging my mum’s allotment, swimming yesterday, and a goodly night of fucking good sex, this morning’s swim was a bit much, and after just half an hour I was wrecked. I also swallowed a good proportion of the swimming pool. Oh, and I’ve got no bloody clothes, so I need to put ‘t laundry on. Feh.

In other news, I suddenly feel much better about the 126 quid tv licence fee: The BBC Fucking Rock. At least, they do sometimes.

My tax bill came yesterday, guess what, I didn’t earn enough to add any more to my 107ukp debt from last year. So I better get off my arse and pay that.

Uh. Yeah. I think that’s me. I was going to wear my CCCP teeshirt for the passport photo (knowing that you can’t quite make out what it says, because the CCCP bit is *just* below the line of sight, but I think I’ll wear something neat.

I’m tempted to just throw the neat top on over my grotty cammos, but I can’t quite bring myself to be that lazy.

I’ve also been hunting for a photo album. I’m the worlds pickyest person when it comes to things like this. It takes me days to find the one I like. I think I might be becoming a bit of a pedant. Anyway, black plain leaves with a plain red or black cover, ideally black, although it may have the word “Photographs” or even “Photos” on the front. Or, I saw some really nice Auzzie ones, but they have slip in photo thingies.

Do I look like the kind of person who uses slip in photo thingies?!

I came so close to buying it without realising…

The most frustrating thing is, despite their utter simplicty, I mean what’s easier than binding some black card in some nice covers? They’re still way more expensive than the other types… Bah.

Ah well.

Also, food shopping. Although I have the world’s largest quanitity of Lettuice, potatoes, and neonatal carrots (baby’s really a rather over generous term for these ones which were the ones my mum planted very late just to see how late they’d grow. Not this late, apparently), oh and a squash, and some crab-apples, yes. Ignoring them we’ve actually got, I believe the term is ‘fuck all’ in the fridge.

Although the curry, wine and tequila went quite well; incidentally, vodka with summer fruits squash concentrate is really very nice. Very nice. Shockingly drinkable. Mmm. ponders: dandelion and burdock vodka….

And finally, in other other other news, I’m considering reinstalling my main PC. I know this isn’t very exciting for all of you, but for me, it’s quite an undertaking. This install is the one I used to move across from Linux and it’s always been a bit, well, slow. So now I’m thinking “hey, I could cut the crap, and have a nice shiny install to play with… Mmmm.”. Similar thoughts are gracing my mind regarding my website too. We’ll see.


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