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Today I need to work.

But first, I want to get the bits ordered to sort my car out properly. In January I’m going to have to be commuting to/from hospital and it looks increasingly unlikely that I’ll have sorted out Claire’s (the ‘zed’s) rusty frame by then; although I do need to get her engine taken down to London soonish.

At any rate, having a failing starter motor and peeing oil out is not really ‘ideal’ for a daily commute, and since I’ve actually managed to slightly reduce the credit card burden; at least temporarily; I’ve decided that I’m going to fork out the money to finish off my Rebecca’s engine upgrade.

However, it turns out that one component I need I can only get from a local motor factors; having rung round specialists all morning they only do one version of this particular component; and I want the OEM doesn’t leak part, not the Pattern leaks like sieve part (which I’ve already got).

I also want to get these parts *soon*; because I am not wildly keen on the working-on-car-outside-in-winter game that I’ve played before. The garage remains ‘full of crap’. I’ve just e-mailed another Marina/Ital club to try to see if anyone wants them before they go on e-bay.

I also need to get rid of the Hoover 1346A I picked up off Freecycle, having now got an oh-so-shiny Dyson DC01. Well, maybe not too shiny, but it’s in remarkably good condition for a second hand hoover. Of course, as is traditional it didn’t work when I got it; but it took me all of several minutes to fix it; the cable had broken at the point where it entered the hoover body; the cable is now, of course, about 2 inches shorter, but the hoover sucks like a good’un, so I’m happy.

But it does mean I’m now the ‘proud’ owner of 4 hoovers. A Goblin wet’n’dry, a Hoover Junior 119, a Hoover 1346A and a Dyson DC01. I don’t know how popular Dysons are in ‘merkia, but in hoovering terms they suck more shit up per pass than any other hoover I’ve encountered.

Indeed, our lounge, which was hoovered on Friday, well… lets just say that what came up was quite impressive. I guess how little came up is a testament to the 1346A ;-)

Were Dysons quite such a cleaning revolution in ‘merkia? I wonder.

Anyway. I think that’s sufficent rambling for today.


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