It’s 9.49am in Amsterdam

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And, interestingly, 11.49 pm in Anchorage…

So yesterday, yet again, I ordered a huge pile of stuff I shouldn’t have. But it’s time to finish what I started with Rebecca. The only ‘expensive’ bit was the front section of exhaust, but I am now heartily sick of having an engine that noticably gets short of breath at 60 mph. Not only that, but I sold the carburettor to Nikki a good few months ago, and am yet to actually give her it (since it’s still on my engine). So hopefully I can get that sorted over the weekend… I’ll have to attack the silencer with an anglegrinder to have even the faintest hope of making it fit…


I also got to spend several long hours searching out a British Leyland OEM part, for which the pattern part is so useless as to be inadequate. The sump gasket on my car appears to be the cause of the oil-in-engine-bay phenomenon, and also the ‘pissing oil all over the road’ phenomenon I get when I park anywhere. So I get to take the sump off… which is… err, just what I wanted to do?

Clean it all *again* and then put it together with the original part. The original part, incidentally, is rare (took me all morning to find someone who actually had one) and 20 quid as opposed to the pattern one which was a fiver. I’ll be looking out for any more that I can spot…

Anyway, James sent me a link to his pics of the weekend (livejournal) .

Yay Ra for James’s tags for the photos which made me laugh out loud this morning…

So, yeah, that’s me this morning.

Except that last night I went to go and see Howl’s Moving Castle with the Lesbian Cinema Group, which turned out to be cool. We’ve been meaning to go for some time, and I finally got around to ringing the night before last; found out that it was meeting last night to see Howl’s Moving Castle and so last night Trey and I piled into Rebecca and headed down to the Watershed.

Yes, yes, shut up about the expense.

It turned out to be a really good film, definately targetted at a younger audience, the only thing I wasn’t mad keen on was that it went tra-la-la-la-plot-plot-plot-plot nicely for most of the film and then kind of at the end went [rest of story in 10 seconds] [end].

And a couple of things weren’t very well… well… explained.

It’s a really beautiful film, and the dub was well done (and starred Lauren Bacall, Billy Crystal and Christian Bale!). Calcifer in particular was fantastically voiced and so damned cute.

Anyway, if you’re a fan of things like Spirited Away, then you’ll probably love this (I did)…


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