Fuck I feel great… ow! my back!

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Yesterday, second day of university, I decided to walk.

I went swimming in the morning, got home, ran around the house, cursed an awful lot because I couldn’t find my headphones, and finally ended up leaving 10 minutes later than I intended to, making the 3.3 mile walk to uni somewhat quicker than desired.

Not helped by my stop in Sainsbury’s to see if they had headphones (they didn’t) – which meant that I listened to my selected podcast via a process of holding the camera/videocamera/mp3 recorder/player with speaker very close to my ear. This meant I got some very odd looks. Also, I’d forgotten how hopeless it is, in that at random points it would stop and you can’t fast forward tracks.

Of course, I then realised that the batteries were flat – and what was happening was that it was flashing up “PLEASE CHANGE BATTERIES” on screen (which I couldn’t see, what with the screen being folded in), before switching off.

At any rate I was about 5 minutes late for my lecture, and glowing like a pig (alledgedly women don’t sweat, they ‘Glow’, well, I was really glowin’ by the time I got there, having jogged stretches and walked as quickly as humanly possible).

The plan to cycle being foiled by the fact that I can carry an umbrella while walking when it’s peeing with rain, but I can’t do that on a bike. Or not easily. Nor as effectively.

So, after uni I headed in to Fishponds to pick up batteries for the lights on my bike, and to pick up some cheap headphones (no point in buying expensive ones at rate I loose them) – and it turned out to also pick up a new pair of trainers. My feet were slightly sore from my knackered old trainers.

My old trainers were 10 quid, about a year ago, probably longer actually, and had started to split at the seams. They were truly awful when I bought them, and made my feet sore then, since then I’ve just put up with them, but after walking lots I decided to treat myself to some new ones… 12 quid these ones were. Such lavish expenses.

Mostly because the cheap shoe shop – Shoe Zone – was having a clear out.

Anyway, I got back home, and noticed that I felt fucking fantastic. So good. Also I was glowing a whole lot more, so I decided to have a shower and dump my laundry in the washing machine. This proved to be a good idea, except for the fact that it appears my last lot of laundry has developed that odour of ‘damp for slightly too long’ – which is odd, ‘cos it went in the drier the same day I washed it. I’ll have to see what else is clean :-/

Unfortunately, I’d also got a bit of back ache….

Anyway, after relaxing a while, and spending a very chilled out afternoon with Nikki (she stayed too long to escape before rush hour); Trey and I went out… for Trey’s first ever learning-to-drive experience. Sadly, Rebecca’s fan-belt is still slipping despite my attempts last night, so I think I need to get some help with that, because iI can’t apply enough force *and* do up the bolt. Meh.

Anyway, we drove around the carpark in UWE, I suprised myself with being ‘okay’ at teaching, not panicing, just letting Trey drive, more or less. Odd reminders, I’m not a particularly good teacher though, because I just don’t think about driving. I’ve done it for so long it’s really hard for me to actually remember the processes I go through.

But at any rate, she did really well and seemed to enjoy it (I really didn’t want to push her into learning to drive, I just wanted her to know the option’s there if she wants it).

And then we caught the end of Enigma, which looked shockingly to be quite a good film. And then this morning I woke up… and I moved… and oh-holy-fuck my back’s sore.

There’s this one little point of pain. And it’s kinda like someone’s pressing *really hard* on it. I feel all achey there…too. Now I’m going to do what I tell all my patients to do (yeah, okay, shut up now. It didn’t occur to me yet) and take some pain killers.

I’m planning to walk in again today despite the aches and pains (and the periodic bursts of down-pour), because, frankly, I don’t feel like enduring driving in (or more, parking when I get there). Anyway, I guess I should do some work…


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