And the sun set….

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….after a really good weekend.

James (ex-flatmate, for the uninitiated, and all round decent bloke (and it turns out, bloody brilliant portrait photographer)) and Chrissy came to visit this weekend…

…and I just had a bloody good time.

Here’s some pictures of Sunday’s jaunt to Ashton Court (flying Kate’s *rockin’* kite)…

Chrissy and Lauren lazing on the grass

James and his l337 kite flying skillz

Kate steals a crafty bite from her cornish pastie while her girlfriend *thinks* she's getting snuggled

Kate's incredible kiteing skills in action, in one of the rare not punching me in the face moments

Trey, in pre-launch mode

Other good things that happened this weekend – I swam 20 meters underwater (a first, and nearly the entire length of Bristol North Baths Pool); my copy of Grab that Gun (The Organ’s album) arrived, and proved to be very cool. I also got the Fischerspooner album, and that was also cool. I watched Hercules Returns which was very funny, we had a very nice dinner at TGI Fridays and generally I had a really good weekend.

Do I keep saying that? Well, I did.

The only slight marring, really, was my car’s decision to need yet more attention. Sadly, all the jobs we didn’t do when the new engine went in are now catching up. The dirty connectors on the starter motor have… well, got too dirty. And the starter motor is now not wishing to do the whole starting thing. Bugger.


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