What the hell’s that?!

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So I woke this morning, wanting some breakfast…. no, seriously. Woke up and had a ‘slow’ morning, pondering heading out to collect my package from the pdo – in it.. hospital gowns, for my dad… *sighs*.

Anyway, while I was pootling, and decididng that I didn’t fancy it, not in the pissing rain, I heard this noise…


After a few seconds I wandered over to the front window and opened it… and was thoroughly confused to hear an Air Raid Siren going off. My brain, in early morning mode, was completely phased. What do I do now? I thought.

So I wandered off and put my contact lenses in…
At any rate, I’m kicking my heels until 10, when I need to ring and see if my part’s arrived – otherwise getting home’s going to be a trifle more difficult than I’d hope. While waiting I’ve been upgrading my iPaq, the PPC2002 upgrade’s arrived, which reminds me [pause while I leave feedback on e-bay]. Which has worked, it’d appear. It now looks a bit more modern with graduated title bars and Microsoft Mobile inscribed in big letters. More importantly it’s now aware that it’s got 64 shiny megs of shiny ram, just ideal for putting shiny programmes into.

Hopefully this will make installing GPSy goodness easier. If I ever win one.

Oooh, a water pump has ‘just this second’ arrived at Bright’s Auto Centre. Woot, maybe. Anyway, I think it might be time for me to get a wriggle on.


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