Turning it all around

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So, I’ve got no money coming in this month beyond the basic – the income I ‘always’ get – although I might manage to get paid by the NHS for my commuting fees – but that’s (a) in the future and (b) less than 1/3rd of what I’d hoped to earn over this month.

So, I could (very easily) decide to curl up in a ball and wait for the ‘summer holiday’ to end; but that’s not going to happen. Nuh uh. What I’ve got to do is use this as an opportunity. There are countless things I’ve wanted to do. Now, most I can’t actually do because I’ve got no money to do them. But there are a few tasks for which I’m already prepared.

– I can do my EU packs for Uni.
– I can get my bike engine down to Burwin to be rebuilt.
– I can spray the three new wings for my car – I’ve already got both the paint and the thinner.
– I will pick up the other bike – which I hope to repair, clean up and sell.

I’m seriously pondering that if this goes well it’d be worth getting another cheap MZ and sorting it before selling it on. I’ve got the skills and the equipment – and it might be a way to make myself some cold hard cash. The bikes are very cheap to pick up in the first place – but they don’t sell for very much post rebuild – so it’s a close/tight thing. We’ll have to see how this first one goes.

The other thing I want to do is sort out my table. I’m hoping to have some guests come round for dinner at some point in the near future – but my dining table is looking even more shabby than when it was bought for a minute sum from an inebriated woman in a second hand shop.

A picture of it is here – so suggestions’d be handy. I’m contemplating stripping and varnishing it, but I think it’ll just look ‘a bit crap’; so then we get into painting or staining it. So, um, good ideas anyone? I’m a bit stumped. It’s the legs. The legs that make it more complex. It makes it very hard to work out what to do with the thing as a whole. Incidentally. the chairs, also, need sanding, staining and recovering. But I am quite happy to just sand/stain/recover them.

But anyway, before I do any of that I need to go downstairs, take down my company stuff, and fill in a tax return. Can you guess why I’m prevaracating? I know it won’t take that long once I start. I just hate doing it. Hate it. So much fucking hastle, for no fucking reward. Gah. Anyway. Time to plod on.


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