Little Jobs Saturday

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So, ’tis saturday again. Disturbingly quickly this one’s come round.

Anyway, still overly smug at having made the fan work. Still need to source some appropriate new cable – it should have two core flex with a cotton coating going to the fan motor and three core, probably twisted cotton coated flex going to the body/switch. Need to hunt some of that out…

…but I switched it on, it’s even got a dashing little ‘SWEB’ plug (South West Electricity Board) – although not remotely period, it’s still nicer than having a new plug on there.

Next up I cut the grass. Our back garden has not got as bad as it did in the last house anyway, but the battle to keep it garden, rather than jungle like continues apace. Weedkilling was the next exciting mini-job, so I hunted round and liberally sloshed weedkiller on anything remotely green and spikey.

Then excitment, I topped up the oil and washerbottle water in my car. That mild water leak which only happens when the car’s off appears to be back – so I think I will have to use that new gasket up after all :-(

I’ll pick up some nice fresh coolant at some point soon though, just to be on the safe side.

Then… get this for thrills, I hoovered the car. She’s now looking vastly cleaner inside… And then, thrill of thrills, I re-glued the carpet to the sill on the passenger side. It’s only been hanging off, what, two years or so? So, uh, yeah, that’s a bit tider now…

I might even (and see if you can contain yourself when I tell you this) replace the blown sidelight bulb. Yes, yes, I realise the excitment might get a bit much… but, I’ve got to have fun sometimes…!


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