Spammer SCUM, Eat dirt and DIE!

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for the past few weeks I’ve been logging on, generally, to 200 or so ‘spam’ comments. If I had need of generic viagra, online gambling or a handy range of other particularly convenient to access normal, or on occasion kiddie porn, then I might have had need of the comments. But I don’t.

So I would, each day, delete all the comments assuming (hopefully correctly) that there weren’t any real comments hidden in the mass of spam, and mutter darkly. Well, unfortunately, because mine’s a ‘tweaked’ version of WordPress I couldnae just put in one of the standard spam stopping image generation things. But with a teensy weensy bit of work, I’ve managed to get one installed.

So take that spamming scum. Take that and fuck off back under your nasty little rock.

In other news, I think I need to take today off. Although I’m a hell of a lot less unwell than I was yesterday, I still feel like shite. Now, though I’m quite definately well enough to work, I’m attuned to my body well enough that I know that if I went to work I’d promptly become unwell, proper unwell, tomorrow and be off for days. Which’d be bad, m’kay.


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