I thought I knew what tired was

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I was wrong.

Despite the fact I’d not eaten lunch, when I got home today I sat at the computer blanking out the universe with a swathe of time spent not moving. After a solid hour and a half of not moving I limped to the bathroom. Eventually giving in to my body’s ultimate screaming desire for me to remove my contact lenses and lie down goddamit.

After about half an hour of that my mum rang.

Oh, Nikki rang during the doing nothing phase.

Yeah. I’ll talk about my mum’s phone call inabit.

Yeah, after about 2 hours, the urge to eat something has become overpowering, I’m also awake-and-energetic enough that I can move without every bone in my legs telling me that I shouldn’t be using them.

Which is damn good.

I’m eating french bread, crisps (chips) and dip.

I knew the ED would be tiring, I knew it would be hard, but I had no idea. It’s not even that today was particularly hard work; although the absence of ‘sleep’ from my life seems to be telling on me. It’s the cough. It wakes me up. Grr.

Mmmmmmmmmm, coffee and smarties cookies

[Thinks Americans Unware of Smarties Real Origin: “Smarties cookies, what the fuck?!”. Smarties in the UK are like chocolate M&Ms only they’re proper kids sweets and are yummy and cool and I have no idea how you cope without them]


I have to pick up the telly today (Yes, I’ve got another non-working TV. But this is a 32″ Philips Widescreen, which if it’s easily fixable will be mmm-so-yummy, and if not will be joining the other one at the tipsky)

I’m going to have another cookie.

Yeah, so we’ve got to pick up the telly, and it’d be useful if we could go to Le Supermarche. Or the SOOPERmarket. 2 of my bras have disintegrated, recently. This is frustrating. Particularly the one where the underwire decided to make it’s escape known as I was trying to talk to a patient by diging it’s sharp pointy end in my under-arm-area. Men take note, you are lucky.

On the other hand I’ve got…. no, I’ll shut up now.

So, yes.

Yes, I’m pondering how to convert a hybrid bike into a trike. I’ve managed to pick up a hybrid for me mumski, and I need to make it into a trike, ideally on no money at all. I might go down to a bike shop and see if they’ve got some cheap old wheels. I’ve also got to get the damn thing back to the house first – and once I’ve built it – to my flipping parents. Hence pondering such issues as ‘shall I maybe perhaps see about fitting a trailer to Rebecca’

My dad’s still in hospital; unsuprisingly. He’s really ill still, and not eating, really. My mum’s trying to find out about getting a stair-lift installed. On loan. Yeah. So. Um. Conversation with my mum was a bit stilted, not least because I was in bed half asleep. Continue to be worried about my dad. When people ask, all I really say now is He’s alive.

So I want to make life easy for them, so a trike. Anyone got good trike design skills? I think I know how to do it, at least roughly. Uh, so, we’ll see. I think I’m gonna have to get the welder going though! Better get good fucking quickly like.

Am so tired. Trey’s back. I’ll stop.


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