Progress (of sorts)

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So I have this thing about challenging my habits. I’ve not eaten – at least not on purpose – celery since I was a kid and declared it revolting.

The only time I ever even suggested eating it was as a joke when I was going on a mountain walking expedition (Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award) – when I suggested that our emergency rations should be Tab Clear (0 calories) and Celery (-ve calories). I was a sarky kid.

But awhile back I had a sandwich which had celery in it, and didn’t notice the celery until it was in my mouth – too late, by then, to panic and remove it. And I thought ‘mmm, that was okay actually’. But my phobia of the stuff still prevented me from actually eating it. Until yesterday when I deliberately put some in my wrap; *and* ate some which fell out. Then today I had a stick of it. That was a bit much, I’m not that keen on the taste yet. But in small doses.

In other news, the pride stuff has arrived – we (i.e. the Morris Minors) are in the floats list, somewhere near the end I think, I’ve got my poster-thing to stick in my car for when we arrive – so that they can go “yes, you’re a mad tart who’s going to drive your car very slowly through london in the middle of summer”.

My car *still* doesn’t have the right exhaust/inlet manifold/carburettor.

But it does now nearly have a sign to go on the roof (very nearly – all the plastic panels for it are made up, only the top cover and the two interior ones (which I might just skip since it’s a prop!!) then it just needs to be stuck together).

That just leaves two blanking panels for windows.

The crane is largely made, but needs painting, which I might go and do in a bit.

In other news, my hayfever continues to cause me problems; especially since it’s clearly not actually hayfever. But I’m now utterly sick of my eyes watering and itching constantly, despite taking loritadine, and of my nose being either runny or blocked. So tomorrow morning I’m intending to go say ‘hello’ to my GP and get him to look at it properly.

My feeling that it’s not actually hayfever are strengthened by the fact that it doesn’t get worse when I go out; it doesn’t get better when it’s damp; it started before the summer; it gets worse *for definate) when I’m at home… It’s also woken me up every night this week with sore, itchy eyes, blocked nose… etc. I feel like crap the whole time, and my eyes are literally watering enough that at work I’m wandering around with tissues to mop them so I can see (and not look like I’m crying the whole time!).

I really think an allergy clinic would be a good idea.


Overall though, I’m actually pretty good at the moment. Work’s good, home’s good. Just this crapness with my bod that’s getting to me a bit.


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