Phew-ee [No. 3 in a series of 3]

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‘s been a loooong day. Not a particularly hard one, but with my hayfever not entirely under control – and really unfair considering that it’s not even sunny! ;-) – I am tired. I think some of it comes from yesterday. I did get home and just fall asleep yesterday; I was not to put too finer point on it, knackered.

I kinda didn’t realise how much work I’d done yesterday ’til I was chatting to my mentor about it today. Yeah, yesterday was really busy. Today wasn’t; so when I got home today I actually fixed my bike’s exhaust back on properly – hopefully it won’t come slack again. Trifle embaressing as it is having my bike farting it’s way around the place.

Got to chat to Burwin’s tomorrow about the failed gearbox rebuild; see what they say. I’m wanting either money back or yet another rebuild. Granted 3rd still is engageable, but it jumps out so often and with so little provocation that I don’t use it – except by accident. Fortunately; unlike the 125, it’s got enough power to cope with not using 3rd. Indeed it didn’t have 3rd for the first [year] I had it so it’s not an unmittigated disaster. If if carries me all the way through this placement then goes back to London for work afterwards, that’d be cool with me. So hopefully that’ll be all sorted.

The thermometer says 20.9 deg C (69.6F), but it certainly doesn’t feel like that. Yesterday I had the fan heater on after I got so cold on the way home that wrapped in my jumper drinking hot drinks didn’t warm me up. Dunno why I was so cold…. Today it’s not so bad… wish the summer would at least make a half hearted attempt at arriving though! Mind you, I’ll be whinging when it gets hot….

….which brings me to the title. Trey pointed out that despite the fact that I’m a cheery person irl, my journal doesn’t entirely convey it. I’d guess it doesn’t really convey me very well; sarcastic and cynical, but happy in general – and more generous than maybe I should be given my financial status…

…so she informed me that I had to write three happy posts in a row. Which has actually been kinda cool. I mean, whinging but it a more cheery way. I am sarcastic, and cynical anyway… I dunno. Maybe I should carry on. I think I am happier at the moment; it’s been a rough few months – with Rebecca’s engine dying, and me seriously wondering how I was going to afford to get that sorted – but on the other hand I’ve now got real faith in my mechanical skills – I mean, how many women do you know who’ve partially-rebuilt and then refitted the engine in their car? Heh, I rock.

It just leaves welding. When I can weld then there’ll be nowt on a car I’ve not done. As it stands the list has to be pretty specific to get to something I’ve not done….

So, yeah. All in all we’re okay at the moment. Pondering what food to buy when we go to the supermarket later (or store. Help me, I’m picking up Americanisms on top of Irishisms on top of Bristolisms on top of Brumisms on top of ’emelisms. No wonder everyone asks where I’m from!). Aye. Essay, that’s what comes now.


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