Bleh, summer

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So summer’s arrived, and for all my whinging about wanting summer to arrive right now I’m hating it.

My hayfever is incredibly bad this year. Bad enough that I’m seriously starting to wonder if I’m going to have to go back to wearing glasses/putting drops in my eyes. I awoke this morning to a feeling remenicent of having someone gently sandpapering your eyeballs all night.

I’m still sneezy and my eyes are itchy as fuck despite my nice healthy dose of loritadine. This might be being exacerbated by tiredness from working nights. I sincerely hope it is, since I can’t afford new glassess, and my old ones totally destroy my self confidence.

I also don’t like riding my motorbike in them…

In other news I’m off to buy a new printer and my old one’s been Freecycled, bloody quickly too! Posted this morning about it and reserved this afternoon to be picked up Tuesday…..


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