And the butterfly flaps its wings [No. 1 in a series of 3 happy posts]

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Yeeeesh I’m tired. Good tired though, not bad tired.

This has been a good weekend; suprisingly the week has ended well after the most stress and terror I’ve had for a good long while. But yeah, good. Tired good.

What? You want more?


Well, Nikki and Kate have got their new place, which is very funky ‘n’ modern apartmenty. The house seems very big, very very big, and very much more like my home again. This is definately not to be mean about Nikki and Kate, but it’s nice to have the house back – the house definately isn’t big enough for four, or it is, but not the way it’s arranged (i.e. filled with mine and Lauren’s stuff, Trey’s stuff crammed in on top, and then having Nikki and Kate’s also here… well. It was full). Also, because of the reduced quantity of stuffs we could mount a major cleaning effort, which has left the lounge way tidier (excusing the duvet which the sofa’s sprouted) and the carpet largely clean of stuff.

And yeah, it’s cool to see them slowly settling into their place. Or quickly. Or Ikealy. Or something. What is the term for an emergency visit to Ikea? And isn’t it lucky that the Morris Minor is such a good load carrier – or their “eek, we need a car with a roof-rack” call would have been problematic :-)

[Sticks her tongue out, metophorically, at ‘meriKate’s car]

Anyway, then yesterday, Emma came down to visit, we chilled out and stayed up ’til 3am just chatting about past, life, the universe, and drinking Ikea’s Pear Cider like scummy teenagers – straight out of the can… Which has meant that today has passed in somewhat of a blurry haze of tiredness. Which was unfortunate ‘cos we spent the day writing a proposal for a grant to fund a big youth project.

34 pages later….

And now I need to write an essay. Or at least get a good handle on it. But for the moment at least, life is good.

Of course, the question you’re all (not) asking is how on Earth does this relate to the title? Well, it’s just a kind of thought about how one thing leads to another, and how unexpected the connections you make in this life are. If I’d’ve not been ill, if I’d’ve not done X then would Y have happened? Probably not.

My life today is not anything I could have made happen – I could never have forseen the circumstances required to end up with me living with a beautiful girl who I love in a town I never even considered moving to, in a 3 bedroom house, with a great friend and involved in Youth project work, nursing…. I never expected to be here, I’d’ve never realised that it’d make me happy, and I’m fucking glad I am here.

All those weird experiences; all the bizzarities of my life; they all lead me here and it’s damn good.


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