That just tired feeling

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So, it’s going to be my second shift on A&E today. I’m shattered. I didn’t get home ’til quarter past 10 (having left in the pissing rain).

So the shift was cool, I started off terrified, but by the end was starting to feel that I at least had a vague notion where things were and the kind of order of things. I’ve just twigged how the cases are sorted… I think… which I didn’t realise yesterday.

And I kept doing half-arsed jobs of things, because I’d not used the documentatino before I was entirely unsure of where things went in it, which bits I needed to do, but by the end I was getting the hang of that a bit too.

I was knackered though, by finishing time. When they sent me home….

….and I wandered out to my motorcycle…

you know when you do something odd for no obvious reason and it turns out to be fantastically lucky? Well, instead of riding home the usual way I decided to come back the long-more-well-lit way.

And about halfway though brizzy my gearlever fell off. I realised this as I came up to the next set of traffic lights, in 4th, and went “ring-ning-ning-ning………CLUTCH IN! FUCK! Where’s my gearlever!”

I then had to do a U-turn, in 4th, on a hill, get to near the top and find that the lights were at red. Whimper. Do a hill start in 4th. Trundle (as much as is possible on a two stroke) in 4th searching the road surface for my gearlever.

Hop off at the last place I remembered changing gear; turn the bike round [clutch in]; waddle astride bike to get it going enough to pull away; ride back towards home.

Just at that stage inbetween quitting and actually stopping looking, there it was, in the centre of the lane. So I braked and indicated that I was pulling over, aimed a hefty kick at it and pulled over. Whereupon an arsehole in a BMW drove over it, beeping at me at the same time.

Having retrieved it from the road (and obviously stalled the bike) I did a little dance on it to bend it into a shape where I could use it, re-attached it and headed home. I could have done without that really!



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