And the sun shines…

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it’s 7.34. Which would be fine, but I’ve been roughly awake since 6:30. I then singularly failed to get back to sleep; despite my best attempts.

At the moment every muscle in my body aches; I remember this feeling the first time I started working full time at a hospital. It felt like each shift was killing me until, of course, I got fitter and started to *manage* just fine; but for the first few weeks it left me exhausted.

And I’m exhausted now.

It doesn’t help that 1000 miles of trecking over the country at the weekend, lugging engines (and transmission parts) about means that this is really my 7th day on the go. And it probably doesn’t help that I spent yesterday, having got up at 5:00am, worked 7.5 hours, ridden the bike for roughly 1.5 hours, I got home, had a cup of coffee, and then sat down in the garage and started stripping the new engine.

It looks pretty good in there, although one cylinder’s a bit crappy, so I’m not sure if it’s burrning a bit of oil. The new backplate is on, the head is off (the bit at the top with the valves in – means I can look down into the cylinders). None of the valves have nasty chunks out of them. So it looks good for just popping it back together. I’m really hoping the cardboard gasket at the back end (I didn’t think to buy a new one…) is good enough – it doesn’t look like it’s actually doing a terribly hard job.

Unfortunately, that took until about 8:00 at night; or 9:00. Something like that. Anyway, it meant that not only did I spend the remainder of my day grovelling around the garage with Nikki and John, but it also meant that the one early shift I had I didn’t get to spend time with Trey. Although she seems knackered too. I guess we’ve both started new jobs, and she’d been DDRing (funny… I think of something else entirely when I see DDR) which left us both knackered.

I’m loving this placement, but I can’t wait until I’m used to it.

It also means riding though gorgeous countryside on my bike… at least, it might be, if the sun would stay out long enough! It’s another gorgeous day this morning (although looking out at the burned-down-bushes opposite is less pretty!) – light fluffy clouds up in a blue sky, but it was yesterday, before it went grey. Proper British crap-grey. THat kind of utterly uninsipiring insipid grey that the sky goes before it drizzles and makes you go “bleh”.

I’ve not had a single day when I’ve had a nice ride in and home, although yesterday it was dry both ways, which is the best I’ve managed. I guess I should be happy with that… I keep thinking summer’s nearly here, but there’s sod all sign of it.

My PC is really struggling for reasons I’m unsure of. Ah. The virus scanner had decided that it had been on pause long enough and randomly decided to start running again, this is presumably why Quicktime was having real problems watching fallout (definately worth watching, incidentally). I wish though, that people would stop doing quicktime, it’s just crap compared to nice the various MPEG4 codecs. Or maybe it’s not, it’s just my machine. But everything I’ve seen that’s been encoded MPEG4 has looked better…


I’m such a whinger. I think it’s ‘cos I’m tired and incredibly broke.

Anyway, I should go shower.


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