It’s 5am in Amsterdam…

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well, probably not, actually.

It’s 8:32, or 8:30, or 8:35 depending on which of the local (to this room) time display devices you choose. And I’m ready for uni. Which is odd, because this morning I’ve done some exercise (not much, my knee decided it’d had enough after about 10 minutes, which was a bit distressing), had a shower, eaten breakfast, faffed around finding the Leki walking stick I need to return…

…and now I’m waiting, to leave *early* for so I can pick up my prescription before Uni. What is going on?!

If I fill my morning I’m early. If I’m lazy and slack and just shower and eat then I’m struggling for time.

I’m a bit pissed today ‘cos they’re going to (re?)vaccinate me against mumps. I’m not sure I ever had it as a kid, and since there’s been a ‘possible mumps contact’ then I’m going to have to be jabbed with a needle after queuing for an hour. Fun fun fun.


Better’n mumps. ‘cept the vaccine can make you ill. Uh, so. Feh.

Exam yesterday went fine in the end. Wrote 9 sides of probably complete tripe, but hopefully enough correct and legiable stuff for someone to give me lots of marks. I can never decide if me feeling good about an exam is a good sign or not! Normally when I feel good I do shockingly badly. But then when I feel bad I do shockingly badly. I think I did okay, so I could have done okay or quite well, I think. I hope.

Anyway. Enough from me. The weekend commeth, and I’m going to be racking up about 800 miles I reckon, in one weekend. Which is going to be one *hell* of a lot of driving (at least by UK standards). I understand in some other places that’s a trip to the ‘local’ shop.

Annnyway. On with bike gear and off with Kate :-)


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