In the past month:

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… my bike has started having brake problems
… my car’s engine has died
… the student loans company have started taking payments, despite the fact I’m paid a whopping 2400 quid a year
… the credit card payment I made was delayed (meaning a fine and a nasty letter)
… a new income tax form has arrived
… I realised I’ve not paid my tax for last year (burried under a pile of other bills)
… Regolith has lost all it’s money and I need to go and shut it down
… I’ve discovered I’ve got 3 months when I’m not going to be able to work (much, if at all) to make up the shortfall between my living costs and the amount of money I get from parents/NHS
… I’ve just today discovered that the standing order has failed to transfer the money out of my housemates account to our letting agent’s account. This obviously is bad. Especially when it’s not happened for 2 months and she’s in hospital a couple of hundred miles away where I can’t take her cheques or anything of that ilk.
… my placement runs across: my court date, pride, the national mog rally. I don’t know if I can attend the latter two.

I just need a nice day. A single god-damn nice day where no disasters attack me, where I can just relax and enjoy it. I need to sort out Regolith’s last VAT return…. I need this all to stop, just for a bit, so I can get my breath back. Please?


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