The good little citizen.

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I’m broke. No particular change there then. Finally went shopping yesterday, and now 40 quid poorer have an awful lot of food. Mind you, I was nearly 50 quid poorer after the woman at Lidl accidentally charged me for 43 tubes of tomato concentrate instead of 3 tubes…. I thought my bill was ‘a bit steep’.

Mind, it was higher than normal, ‘cos it was washing powder-liquid and odds and sods buying week; which occurs once every few months. I’d put it off for a while; but finally it came to the point where I felt I should go. So I did.

This was unfortunate, because being a good little citizen I keep a first aid kit in my car, but I was aware that it was getting near it’s expiry date and I’d pinched various plasters and things from it. So when I saw one for a fiver in Lidl I felt semi-obliged to buy it. I don’t know why I do. I’m just a good little citizen and carry round my First Aid kit, this one is actually really good – and means I can pinch the nearly expired stuff to take mountain walking with me, which is also handy. Unfortuantely, the box is *way* bigger than the last one.

I’ve also bought a warning triangle, given the mountains I’m going to be traversing are, well, mountainous and twisty, I felt that if Rebecca does decide she’s not in the mood to keep going then I should probably have some means of alerting people prior to encountering us.

Annnyway. I changed my (not) photo album. It’s here now. And it’s got more photos in it.


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