Chaos Level Decreasing, Dreams and Chickens

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Well, okay, the chickens were a lie.

I’m in a very odd phase of my life at the moment, it seems. I’m getting a lot of what I want, and it’s making me very happy – despite the fact that my dad is very seriously unwell (he’s barely eating at the moment, awaiting a surgical intervention).

I’ve got the placement I want, the big project is actually back on track – indeed, substantially more than back on track; if it comes of then it will be far bigger than either Nikki or I thought it would be. I’ve been doing well on my course (75% in the last assignment). One of my other private projects I’ve been chatting to someone about expanding – and we met up yesterday and seemed to be on pretty much the same wavelength – which is cool; ‘s kinda reinvigorated me with regard to it.

I’m really looking forward to spending some time away with my girlfriend, Trey, in the easter holidays, so much so that I’ve already got the maps and stuff kicking around.

I’ve started to make my room feel more like my own, albeit in a kinda studenty way; postcards all over my wardrobe (it is *my* wardrobe, so hopefully I’ll paint it at some point, or something, make it a bit more modern looking) – put up my Alice autographed print, got my Type 706 phone out and going (although the ringer doesn’t work, and an exchange somewhere seems to be having problems with pulsedial).

I have been trying to clear out my junk, rather unsuccessfully today. Most of it was Beeb stuff, and I rather think I should sell the whole lot off as one batch, ‘cept maybe a BBC System, and the full BBC Master Expanded To Hell System – so it’s all just gone back in the boxes. Which was frustrating. Lead me to thinking about why I accumulate all this crap – I mean, I seem to be doing it much less, and each time I sort through I get rid of more stuff, and the stuff I get now seems to be smaller and less, well, useless.

But, yeah, maybe I’ve learned. It’s still hard to throw away stuff; particularly stuff which relates to my dad. But I’m starting to learn that my memories are probably the most important thing, and some of this stuff, yes, I want it. Like the prototype and production processor board off the first machine my dad did major design stuff for (indeed, the processor is his design); but at the same time, I don’t need to keep *everything*.

Anyway, as a finishing thing, and so I can throw these away, I’m going to share two quotes from university (the first time round) with you:

“You know it’s a bad exam when you learn new words in it”


“Lecture: a means of transferring information from the notes of the lecturer to the notes of the student without passing through the minds of either”.

Certainly, it was like that today. My mind is totally off in other places.


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