A day of stuff

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It’s been a bit of a ‘day’ really. It’s been my last day of placement; took my cake along (which they all raved about, strange people, it was only banana cake!), managed to sort out a card, having not managed to find one I liked yesterday, got it all sorted and done in time. Got all the work for the placement signed off.

It’s always an odd feeling leaving a placement. Particularly one I’ve enjoyed. It’s kinda like quitting a job you’re actually enjoying. Still, it’s one step closer to qualifying.

Lauren managed to more or less kick me into getting the last of the Regolith stuff down to PK Music Exchange. So, that’s all gone. End of another era, more or less. Just the Mac to go now.

And then I got the news about ‘the big project’. They want to go ahead, but uh, not really with me. Or not really with me involved in such a big way. And they can’t make promises about me being involved at all – and I’m not sure how involved I’d want to be if it wasn’t, uh, the way it was ‘original envisaged’. It’s kinda mine and Nikki’s idea and… well… I dunno. Anyway, it’s kinda left me in a sucky mood. Was going to do some stuff, now really don’t feel like it.


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