Generalised rant at the universe

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I’ve got this essay I’ve done. I have to hand it in; I believe the submission date is monday. I’m on placement at the moment (as is the entirety of my course-year); so getting to university before 12:30 on monday is not particularly easy. I do need to treble check this, but this is what I *believe*.

So I thought I’d head in today – after all the library submission box is open ’til 16:30; and post it in. I also needed to head in and ask whether e-submission is working (because I can’t find it on the website – the page it’s meant to be on seems to have gone). So I grab my ID card, hop on the bike with two copies of my essay (in case e-submission isn’t working, ‘cos you have to submit 2 copies, one by e-submission, one paper format. Don’t ask me why), and some post I want to send.

Unfortunately I neglected to remember that some aspects of the Royal Mail still believe it’s 1960 and that 13:00 is a normal time to shut on a Saturday. So I kept my post to myself. So I hopped back on the bike and headed to uni. Got to uni. Grabbed stuff on my bike. Twig that I’ve brought my ID card for the NHS, not for Uni; curse, get to the door, realise that the library is closed anyway – because it’s “vacation”. Gah. How am I meant to hand this document in? I’ll have to be late on monday… which I’m sure will make a great impression.

So, I think, I’ll head over and get a house paper. Pick it up… and think, hey I could go visit John, grab a cuppa, then head back to do more work. Of course…… John’s out. Grr. Should have guessed. So I’m back home and I’m all miffed and I need to find the module stuff to check when it’s got to be in. Grr.


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