ETD – 5 minutes

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And I’m not dressed yet.

I’ve been listening to the CD that Trey made me… I should be uh, getting dressed to leave for Uni; but each song finishes… the next one starts and I just think “oh I want to hear this one“. Hopefully it’ll be a bit warmer, the bike wasn’t very keen yesterday. Mind you it was also nearly out of petrol and she seemed happier on the way home.

Today is d-day for my brakes, I’ve got to sort the brakes out on the Moglet, one brake pipe needs replacing (single circuit see, nice and simple). Uh, hopefully the Not-quite-Eeeeezibleed thing will work, and hopefully I’ve got enough brake fluid. And hopefully it won’t rain while I’m trying to do it. They said dry on the Weather Guesscast.

Uh, I’ve also got a pile of work to do tomorrow, my mentor gave me the day at home (with stuff to read) ‘cos I’ve got to get my car MOT’d before Sunday. I’m hoping the grotty wing passes. I’m tempted to swap it for the white one, and uh, swap it back afterwards ;-) But I don’t want to disturb the underseal…

I woke up twice last night, looking for Trey…. bah. Pillows aren’t really the same… Oh and I’ve got a stinking dehydration headache, but I can’t physically drink anymore this morning! I didn’t eat or drink anything yesterday, uh, between 9am and 6pm, which was a bad idea. And I couldn’t drink enough in the evening to make it up…so now I feel crap.


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