3500 miles

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Tomorrow Trey will be approximately 3,500 miles away. It’s funny. We’re currently, what, 170 miles apart. That’s 20 times further away she’s going to be. Technically it doesn’t actually make a great deal of difference.

I can’t see her when she’s 170 miles away; and I can’t see her when she’s 3,500 miles away. And at the moment I’ve got a huge pile of work I should be doing. If she’s not *here* then I’m not going to spend hours on the phone to her; and if she’s on holiday I may welll not get to talk to her online so much, so I might actually get the work I keep not doing ‘cos I’d rather talk to her, done.

But I doubt it’ll have that much impact on my work. I’m just going to be a miserable cow for 3 weeks, and sit around moping. Heh. No different to normal then ;-)

Seriously though, it’s hard, her going away. Harder ‘cos we’ve seen so little of each other; I guess. A tantilising glimpse of how fantastic it is to be together; and then a gap of a month. 1/12 of a year! It’s scary when I think of it like that. Anyway I should get back to work; work and ‘reflection’.


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