Xmas Eve and Xmas has been

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Lordy I am tired. Two small children for one day is quite enough to bring me to a state of near exhaustion. I am actually in bed, insanely early, because they’ve worn me out. Completely.

Despite being technically Xmas eve, in the spirit of my completely lacking xmas this year, because my little nephews can’t be here tomorrow, we’ve had our Winterfest today. Presents have been opened, crackers pulled, and children have played, overjoyously with new toys. My dad, however, is still ill; as, increasingly, is my mum.

I am just tired. I want to capture some video of my dad, although he’s not terribly keen, just because. Just because.

I’ve got some cine film of him, from my sisters wedding, ages ago. I am just so tired. I want something to remember his voice by. I want to have something of him. I’ve got him reading Jakob a story, which is really nice. I also captured, for posterity, an entire story read by my mum. I keep forgetting how ill my mum is; I guess my dad’s illness tends to override my mums – probably because my mum’s been ill all my life.

Still, I’ve been helping today, I’ve entertained John, put up tiles, cooked, and tomorrow, tomorrow I shall hoover, fix and uh, whatever else needs doing. Tidy; I expect; mostly.

Anyway, I’m going to go to sleep now. Sleep and just allow the universe to wash away my tiredness.


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