#Rock the casbah!

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Damnit, I should be writing my essay; but I’m ensnared by XMPlay’s current random playlist which appears only to be picking music which must be played very loud

– Can’t get Blue Monday Out of My Head (K Minogue remix)
– Starman (David Bowie – encoding’s a bit ropey on this, must have done it a long time ago!)
– Rock the Casbah (The Clash)

At least my laptop’s capable of producing a lot of noise through the headphones.

Rock the Casbah!

The downside of this is it does remind me of the one really great thing about my parents house. Being noisy. Being in the middle of no-where means you have to have absolutely no concerns about bothering the neighbours. I miss being *really* noisy. My 200W/Channel amp is sat under my bed because, well, we use Lauren’s anyway (mine’s not got a remote); and frankly, turning my amp beyond about 1/3 is probably enough to do serious damage to the house. It used to be capable of making the block of flats I lived in vibrate (you could feel it through the walls) and that’s the kind of *loud* I sometimes need.


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