In good news

…my copy of The L Word box set dvd has arrived while I was away. It seems to be terribly cool and has lots of fun / bizzare extras.

Mmm. And some extra Shane.

So, that is cool.

Also I seemed to connect with my two nephews, despite my long absence from their lives. So. Yes. That was very cool.

On the very big downside, the very very big, don’t talk to me about it, I’ll be spending a lot of time talking to my councellor about it, downside; my dad is very ill. Possible pneumonia. Not sure yet. Very ill. This councelling thing though, it’s given me back some space to cope.

And that is a very good thing. Even if I’m not quite up to working tonight, I am feeling more like a human again.

And I continue to *love* Death in Vegas.


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2 thoughts on “In good news

  1. I wouldn’t be your friend if I didn’t offer hugs and love from K and I. I’ve been there Kate, so yeah… You know where I am. ’nuff said.

  2. I’d like to add my hugs, too. Best to make ’em e-hugs, ‘cos I really don’t want you to catch this damn cold.

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