Boxing day…. part 3

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I am so tired. I want to sleep. I’m trying to keep myself awake with music, but it’s dark in here, dark and warm and just nicely comfy. Even the White Label Remix of 9-5 is failing to fill me with energy. I’ve written some stuff on child development. It’s probably bollocks. I’m so tired. I’ve not got my contacts in, so I could just go to sleep. I’m going to be really pissy when I get home and have to put all these bloody diary entries up. I wish I had an internet connection here. I don’t like ringing people at Xmas, y’know. It’s a family time, not a random friends ringing up time. Also, I’m at my parents and I feel bad about using their phone, but they live in a valley, and no mobiles work here, not properly. Up in my bedroom I get an intermittent signal, strong enough to send and receive messages (usually through the process of it failing and me leaving the phone there trying to send).

Most of the time it says “No Service” or “Emergency Only”.

Still, I could sleep here, on this comfy little beanbag. That’d be nice.


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