Some of you know this already….

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… keep it to yourselves.

Please don’t say (to anyone or mention on here) what Nikki and I have mentioned, if you know what we’re on about. Suffice to say that the people we went to see have some interest, perhaps more despite what we took; which didn’t really show what we’re capable of. I think…!

Anyway, it’s incredibly cool; and whatever happens from here on in, to have come this far rocks.

I’m slightly saddened this evening that I don’t really have anyone to share it with; the person I’d dearly love to share it with….. well, let’s not go down that path. And my parents are away. I will tell my sister though, come sunday :-)

Of course, there’s more work ahead; much more; planning and discussions; and yeah, let’s see where this path takes me.


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