Night of a thousand colours

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I’m so tired.

I came home with the intention of working, but I’ve got so little done. I have at least got a replacement contact lens so I can change my lenses for fresh ones the day after tomorrow (when I’m meant to) – the contact lens place having been shut on Sunday when I finally got around to taking the other faulty one back.

I also, at the weekend, picked up (for free!) a printer cartridge refill kit. This means that, if it works, for the first time in a year I’ll actually have a colour cartridge back.

There is one slight problem. My cartridge does not wish to allow any ink *out* and the frigging Linux driver doesn’t appear to have any method of forcing the printer to do a clean-cycle. So the cartridge is currently sat in a bowl of “cartridge flush” in a desparate attempt to make it allow the ink I just put in come back out….


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