Frustratingly unsuccessful

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Plans for this weekend: ….

Spray dashboard with first coat of top-coat.
Strip out heater; check over, clean, flush, refit.
Spray dashboard with second coat of top-coat.
Fit heated rear window.
Spray dashboard with third coat of top-coat.
Fit intermittent wiper circuit (already built).

Spray dashboard with fourth coat of top-coat.
Make up mounting panel up in aluminium for extra switches.
Fit temperature sender, oil pressure T-piece, relay and assoicated items for heated rear window, route cables.
Fit dashboard and extra instruments.

Items completed:
Strip out heater; check over, clean, flush, refit.

Everything else has been distinctly less successful.

The intermittent wiper circuit, first of all, is a Velleman kit, which (at the moment) appears to have a design flaw, such that if you take the 12V to power the circuit from the same 12V which powers the motor; a nasty voltage spike kills the 555 timer chip stone dead the first time it attempts to operate the wiper.

The heated rear window is all stuck on; but unfortunately the kit of parts didn’t include such exciting items as a relay, and expected you to fit it unfused. As I didn’t get to “Make up mounting panel up in aluminium for extra switches” anyway, I didn’t finish the job. I need to buy a fusebox I suppose, anyway (‘cos I don’t think that running the heated rear window off the “accessories” fuse is a terribly wise plan).

It’s rained on and off all weekend, hence no spray painting. Although I’d’ve had time to fit instruments, etc, the panel isn’t sprayed so I can’t. Grr.


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