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Ikea. Went yesterday, saw these frames which are called “RAM” or “Cheap ass student frames”, they’re plain, untreated wood and a plastic sheet instead of glass, with a cardboard back.


Well, actually they look quite nice and I thought they’d suit some of my posters really well. So I bought one for one of them….measured my other posters and went back today to get some more frames. Unfortunately, the largest poster, at a staggering…. 150 x 103cm was well beyond the maximum size of RAM frame. Indeed, the next size down, 70×50 is too small for 2 of my posters, which is really disappointing. And my picture of Errol, from the diskworld? That’s just a size that’d look stupid in all the available frame sizes (what with being bigger than the next size down by 2 cm in one direction).

The bulbs for the lamps I bought yesterday….they doubled the price of the lamps (although I did buy energy savers, so that’s partly my fault :-) )….

Overall, I’m just a bit miffed that I can’t get frames the right size for my pictures. That and the fact that I, genius that I am, wrote my lecture down as 3:30, not 13:30, so missed it by a staggering 2 hours!



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