It’s not often I say this

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Thank fuck for the NHS. Well, more for Europe.

I’ve heard people attempt to argue that healthcare is cheaper in ‘merkia, or better. I’ve seen the figures and the research….and it’s not, it’s *way* more expensive. But anyway, what’s the use of fantastic facilities if you can’t afford to get health cover.

I suspect with my family history (High blood pressure (grandparents, mum, sister), frequent occurance of cancer, grandparents on both sides have had ‘heart attacks ‘) – I’d be such a risk factor as to make getting health insurance bloody difficult. That plus major surgery at the age of 21, and a continuous requirement for medication…. Ha! They’d laugh me out of their medical examination….

I had this vague impression that there was some basic level of health care available in America, if you couldn’t afford health insurance, I’d never realised quite how limited it was…..

….people, me included, whinge about the NHS an awful lot, but as I recall it’s about the cheapest healthcare system in westernised countries….

….this is what comes of doing too much work. You read scary things about other places. Gah.

Actually, this is because a friend is moving to America, and I was bored….looking at the stuff about the election….followed a random link, and. Well. There you go.

I promise to try to be more grateful to the NHS in future.


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