Actual forward motion

So the last couple of days have felt more positive, which is probably more a frame of mind thing than actual change in rate of progress. The mind is a funny thing. Anyhow, the sink is now replumbed with a new seal and some putty, and now only leaks very slightly. I could probably have achieved zero leakage if I was willing to spend endless hours on scraping the bottom surface of it, but it’s just a temporary sink and for the sake of leaving a bowl under it or not, I think I’m satisfied with the time/cost/benefit situation as it stands.

US sinks, incidentally use a piece of cardboard as a “slip washer”. Cardboard. In an area that might get wet.

I’ll just leave that there.

Still, the sink is working.


We also spent a few hours (quite a few hours) yesterday getting the extractor fan mounted on the wall. Irritatingly, our 3-year-ago guess as to where it would be is about an inch out. Which means that the chimney won’t quite fit the last few inches… On the other hand, it saves us cutting the stainless steel, which probably would have been a complete pig to do well, so maybe that’s for the best. We just need to come up with a neat way for it to be covered…

I also have spent quite a lot of time tidying the garage – well “putting things in drawers”. It’s not really proper tidying, but until the wood is out of the garage and I can sit and have a proper think about which tools should live where… it just needed to be organised enough that we could physically get in there and get things.

In other news, 50% of the house is surrounded by drain-rock.


And we have a new postbox, thanks to a spurt of stupidity energy, and the realisation that when I’m at work people could pinch our mail.

Oh, and in final news, I have an awesome new sticker on the car:


It’s courtesy of @distressed_egg

Well that went….

So, we moved into our new house! It’s still not finished, but we’re in it. And things have gone…okay. There’s this deep excitement which I (we) get flushes of.
“We built this!”
“Ooooh, I’ve not seen that angle before, it’s pretty”
“Oh hey! You can see the moon through the skylight!”

Stuff like that.

There’s moments of deep joy. Stuff that works. The washer and dryer doing their stuff without any drama (at least so far). The moment we first switched the cooker on.

Taking a bath…

Laying in our bed at night, looking up at the ceiling that we built in the house we rebuilt… it’s crazy, but it’s cool.

And then there’s the less positive stuff. I’ve realised I didn’t load balance the panel properly. I think it was so long after I did the diagrams and worked it out, that I just went “oh, I could put this here” for the car chargers and the dryer and the oven and reverted to my UKian ways.

Which means that the car chargers and the cooker and the dryer were all on one phase.


I’ve managed to move one of the car-chargers across, but there’s not quite enough length to get either the cooker or the dryer circuit across. I am debating whether to splice some extra length onto the dryer circuit – that’s the easiest to move, and it would make it so that we have dryer/charger on one side and cooker/charger on the other. At any rate, I need to get some blanking plates for the panel. Made worse, because I accidentally took out the wrong flipping covers when I moved the car charger’s breaker.

Irritatingly, the 50AFCI/GFCI breaker that we have seems to be faulty. It’s tripping without purpose. I initially thought maybe it was the damp weather and the tight box that the outlet is crammed into, but it turns out that no. It’s just tripping. I’m leaving that for when I’m next in the panel though – and when we have a second charger. We currently only have one anyhow, so since the 40A breaker is fine, so it is kind of a moot point right now.

We’ve also been working on installing the kitchen – basically one unit at a time we’re creeping down the kitchen. Laughably, I thought we might be able to do it the day after we moved… Oh, the foolishness of youth. We worked all day yesterday and got the two long units installed. And managed to get the temporary sink dropped into the temporary work surface. I then spent much of this morning working out how to plumb it in, only to discover that it leaks from a tiny rusthole which is invisible from the top of the sink, but apparently, someone decided it was okay to give a broken sink to habitat and after a while it just quietly starts dripping.

The main drain side of the sink also seems to have started leaking, hilariously. I’m going to go tomorrow and get a new washer for that one. But I can’t say that I’m the happiest bunny in the world.

Now we just need to get the cooker leveled and then the 18″ unit next to it…

The dishwasher is looking like it might fit…if only I can get the fucking thing to turn on. It’s a used dishwasher that was allegedly working when it was sent. It’s in good condition, but it doesn’t appear to want to start it’s cycle. It illuminates the “yes, I’m on” and “this is the cycle you’ve selected” lights. It just doesn’t start. Now, my guess is that the door-sensor switch is fubar, but that means taking the dishwasher apart which wasn’t high up my priority list.

There’s a slim possibility I might cave and pay for someone to come look at the dishwasher. It’d be convenient if one of the things – either the sink or the dishwasher was working, though. Still, I’ve actually had coffee today, so that’s nice. And we finally have drinking water available in the house (even if I did plumb the tap backwards – so hot is where I think cold should be).