The Lack of Bike

So, there’s two problems with watching the last episode of The Long Way Round. One: I’m single, most of the time it’s okay, but watching reunions, and romantic stuff (watched a bit of Tipping the Velvet yesterday) really can suck. Two: I MISS MY BIKE!

I know it’s sheer lazyness on my part, and I know that the only reason for it not working is because I broke it though sheer damned stupidity (I knew the oil was low and I still parked on a flipping slope) – but I can’t believe that the frigging thing could kill itself quite so bloody quickly.

So I need to take it to bits.

It’s all I need to do.

Then at least I’ll know if it’s fixable by me, or if I’ve permanently screwed the top/bottom bearings/cylinder.

Then I can fix it.

Then I can ride it.

God I miss riding it.

Watching “Long Way Round” has made me miss my bike so damn much. And every day I see the sorry little object. Every day I look at it. Every day I feel guilty that I’ve not fixed it. I *have* to fix it soon. I miss it. I put so much damn money into it. I must be able to fix it. I can’t explain what riding the bike feels like. The freedom. The connection to the world. You are part of it, it is part of you, it can hurt you, but you feel so alive.

I miss my bike. Frankly, I miss Ais too. She understood. I’m surrounded by non-bikers and ex-bikers. I miss my bike.

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5 thoughts on “The Lack of Bike”

  1. Why do I always end up here reading the thoughts of somebody I’ve never met when I only mean to check the Minor Parts for Sale?

    Sometimes I worry about myself.

  2. You hooligan, leave that poor bike alone and do the sensible thing, get a proper bike. The kind that you have to power yourself. Now that’s biking.

  3. Andy…. it’s obviously my fabulously entertaining writing style that keeps you coming back.

    I read loads of journals, well, no, a few journals of people I’ve never met….. ‘s something to do, innit :-)

    And Emma: :-P

  4. Kate, did you email me a couple of days ago or was that a cleverer-than-usual spam address harvester? If you did, I did reply…

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