America….it just scares me.


– You have a president who you know took power despite losing
– You have a president who has repeatedly lied to the people
– You have a president who is reactionary and has alienated the entire rest of the world from your country
– You have a president who is a fundamentalist christian, who wishes to inflict his beliefs on the rest of the world
– You have a president who has run the economy completely into the ground, with a staggering budget defecit and phenominal unemployment rates
– You have a chance to be rid of the man

It appears, as things stand, that America as a whole has done something I feared; I feared it quite simply because I rather like the idea of humans surviving on this planet. And what has America, as a whole, done? It appears at the moment, that you’ve re-elected the lying, cheating, unpleasant little individual and his bunch of cronies for another 4 years of planet and culture destruction.

Why? How can you trust him?

I’ve never been that bothered about American elections before, and I’m amazed at how distressing I find the fact that the American people have actually chosen to elect him. Fundamentalist Christianity is imho, no better than any other fundamentalist religion. I am saddened that America believes it is.

Author: KateE

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