This better be good….

I made an appointment for uh, councelling today.

I kinda always presumed that I could cope with whatever life throws at me, and to an extent, I think I can. But I think if I’m going to deal successfully with my dad’s deteriorating condtition (it’s so hard to be scared, because he’s been so ill so many times. And each time it suddenly strikes me that this could be it and then I get scared….), the whole ‘kid thing’, and the various other issues I’ve got in my history; well; maybe someone to talk to would be good.

So. Yes. I’m incredibly nervous about it, I’ve never had councelling before – although I did look at it when my dad was diagnosed. So, well, yeah, we’ll see. Hey guys, I’m in therapy ;-)

Still, maybe this counts as taking care of myself, something my friends repeatedly tell me I don’t do enough of.

Anyway, I should get back to working.

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  1. That’s ok dear, we know you’re a fruitcase, I mean nutbasket. No wait…

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