1.5 (of 1.75) baths

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So, we’ve been continuing on with our plasterboard odyssey. We have managed about half of the main attic ceiling, which we’ve had to do by cutting the drywall into handleable sections, slipping them into the attic and then manually lifting. Slow, and tiring, but effective. Thankfully, the local welders did a solid job on the broken bit of the lift (it’s now better than new), and the lift is functioning again (and not making rending metal noises when lifted, and because they straightened it out (which I asked them to do), the cable now doesn’t foul the lift mechanism) which means that we can lift the boards up to the attic rather than attempting to carry them up.

We’ve also been applying cement board to the bathroom walls.


The 3/4 bathroom walls are finished. We realised that we were intending to do a built in shelf in the 3/4 bath, so I need to throw in a shelf support, and cut out a chunk of board from that wall. Which is a little irritating, because I thought it was done, but actually I’d’ve needed to run that cement board over that area and cut it out anyway.

The main bath is 3/4 done – or there abouts.


And finally, the back of the house is – at last – completely treated with ceder.


We still have the battens to do, and to cut around the door. And the door still needs the frame sanding and the whole lot needs painting. Only it’s now not warm enough to paint….


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