Now with less lawn!

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So, our project to almost completely eliminate the lawn has started. We had an incident yesterday at the farmer’s market. The usual kind of incident. The ‘oh, we’ve just bought a lot of plants’ incident.

We weren’t as bad as we sometimes are. We kept it to edibles.

And not that many, because, well, the house currently lacks liveability.

But, having got a couple of them in the ground last night and realised there was little hope for us to get the rest of the stuff done (because it was getting late), we laid out where we wanted the raised bed. Today I grabbed the chop saw, the nail gun and threw together our first raised bed. I then strimmed the grass as short as I could get it, threw down an enormous pile of cardboard, and then between Kathryn and I we transferred a lot of the soil which has come out of the hole that will be our rain water capture device into the new raised bed. And lo:


I’m really rather proud of it given it’s made with the shoddiest bits of wood and a couple of hours with a chop saw and a nail gun.

We also both had a bit more of a go at strimming the grass, which is proving to be a bit of a mare. It’s already long enough that it needs cutting again – which is a double pain because the (Free) lawnmower we picked up at the weekend (“Free! Free! Free!”) which is a Neutron EM 4.1 – an old battery lawnmower – does not work. Irritatingly it looks like it’s been apart (and not been well put together). So I need to do some fault finding. I note that both the motor and relay are available as spares, which is suggestive of common faults. Feh.

This afternoon, before we set to on the garden we… fitted a second window!

It’s not quite finished yet – I got a bit keen on the caulk, so we decided to let that dry before putting the final layer of flashing on.

So there’s no picture of it yet…

But…there was a picture of the hole…


It is definitely coming along now :)


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