Oh good…mould.

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So one of the challenges is the speed with which we can get work done. There are only two of us some of the time, and one of us some of the rest of the time. And we’re learning.

So while we’re definitely making progress, it’s not been as fast as we might like. Or, indeed, as fast as it seems the house would like.

Apparently, it’s “normal” here for the wood to get some mildew on it while construction goes on which will, apparently, die when we start heating and drying out the place. We have a mould person coming to look at our trusses and sheathing because, upsettingly, it’s gone somewhat furry.

And since dry and warm seems somewhat further away than we might like we made some plans to try and get things going a bit faster.

And so today we made a committed effort to get the flooring down. The flooring, in this case, is the “underlayment” which is a large amount of plywood. Vast quantities of it. Over the past few days we’d managed to get half the floor covered, more or less. Today we slammed into high gear and laid the whole other half of the floor.

My entire body now aches.

In the last week we have put in somewhere in the region of 2000 screws.

The floor is now markedly stiffer.

And of course, today we arrived home to find that the missing ‘wood’ head for our autofeed screwdriver has arrived. Ha.


I mean, we used the drywall head for it, but it would have been nice to have the wood head.

We still have some exterior wall framing to do, but we’ve got three windows framed up. The rest of the window framing is somewhat more tricky…

But mainly we’re doing interior framing for a while because then we can get plumbing in, and then we can get insulation in under the floor and heating installed. Until the interior framing is in I can’t install either the plumbing or the heating (well, I can, but it’s not ideal).

So Thursday we start building interior walls. Yay…


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