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A thing about “The Safety Pin”:

An identifying marker like that is not symbolic. An identifying marker like that is to say to people who are regularly in REAL danger “I am safe. I will help you.” 

This is not a small thing you are undertaking. If you pin one on yourself, and a guy is harassing me in a bathroom, I am going to turn to you for back up. Please get yourself in a mental place for that possibility, this is not an abstract mark of solidarity. If you can’t do that, that’s ok, but then don’t wear the pin because I’ll suddenly be turning to someone who can’t help me. 

If you have never been in physical danger for living your life, understand that a lot of people have been. Get your head around the reality that they are now going to expect you to step up, they’ll be relying on you as a safety net. You are now in danger by association. That is brave and beautiful and I hope what you intend. Don’t mistake this thing for a symbol, it is not. It is a weapon you have drawn against the status quo.  

I have a scar on the back of my head from ten stitches and general weather ache in my ribs and lower back because I’m queer and trans and I’ve been beaten for that. If you want to stand in solidarity with me and mine….know what you are getting in to. Be mentally prepared for that.