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Just as ‘08 and ‘12 Obama “evolved” on marriage equality, Hillary has recently been “evolving” on issues like TPP, student loans, & BlackLivesMatter.  Not all there yet, but a start. 

Trump wants trickle down economics, a reinstatement of stop and frisk, and conservative SCOTUS nominations to reverse our progress. He will not “evolve” for us no matter how much we lobby. 

I know we all want and deserve more progress. Many young voters want to sit out unless a candidate has it all. Voter silence is a mistake that will hurt us. Staying home won’t “revolutionize the system.” The system is used to youth voter apathy. They ignore us because we won’t pressure them. 

We have to use our voices, vote for the person most likely to listen, & shout & lobby till we achieve our goals. Please. It works. Apathy doesn’t.

#Hillary2016 to protect our progress from Trump. #Hillary2016 so the person we lobby for the next 4 years might actually listen. It does seem like she’s starting to, or we wouldn’t have seen this: