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So here’s some holy-shit-don’t-ever-do-this advice for the day. 

Now I’ve written a fair bit about why this is a shit-tastic idea but there’s a section that really takes the taco and puts this well into “what the fuck were you thinking?” territory:

This. This right fucking here is one of the things that drives me up the wall when it comes to dating advice for men: the idea that women shit-test guys. 

OK, first of all: no. No they don’t. A woman who’s ignoring you waving your hand in front of her face (yes, he tells you to do this) isn’t testing you to see if “you’re strong enough to be her man”, she doesn’t want to fucking talk to you

Second of all: Yes, I know that there is the odd statistical anomaly out there who actually does shit-test guys. I’ve met one or two. However, there’re two relevant facts in play here. The first is that the odds of your running into a woman who does want you to push past her no is so remote that they don’t make numbers small enough to represent it. 

The other is that mind games are bullshit and you shouldn’t be rewarding them with your time and attention. And more to the point: why in pluperfect hell would you want to fuck them?? Trust me: ain’t nobody in the world so good in bed to put up with that level of assholery.

If, in your travels, you come across this fantastical beast (you won’t) and she wants you to try harder after the initial rejection (she doesn’t), then give them a hard pass. You have far better uses for your time up to and including reorganizing your Pokemon by color. If she really wanted you to try harder to impress her, then she can damn well use her words and say so. 

The myth of women shit-testing guys is just an excuse for guys to ignore a “no”, “I’m not interested” and “go away”. It’s teaching that a “no” is really a “yes” if you try hard enough and holy shit that’s an insanely bad thing to teach.

So, yeah. Fuck that noise.

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