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hillary literally defended someone that raped a child, A CHILD. that is a bad person, jfc.








You’re referring, I assume, to the subject of this meme:


This is literally a very short google search anon w t f –> READ THIS BUT FIRST:


(A) She was appointed as her client’s attorney by the court system; she did not volunteer for the case.

(B) She asked to be removed from the case because she was grossed out by it, but the judge denied her request.

© She didn’t “free” her client; she negotiated a plea deal for jail time, LIKE EVERY DEFENSE ATTORNEY IS LEGALLY REQUIRED TO DO.

(D) If she did not zealously advocate for her client, or purposely tanked the case, she would have faced disbarment from the legal profession. (SHE WOULD HAVE LOST HER JOB)

(E) In the 1980 audio interview, she talked about how her client somehow passed the polygraph that she’d hoped would have helped prove his guilt, and then laughed while saying that since then she never trusts polygraphs, ever.

(F) Even the picture used is not the actual victim, and you can be damned well sure they used a tearful angelic blonde little white girl to drive the hate.

but tldr; yes she defended a child rapist , no she didn’t really have a choice despite finding the case disgusting, because as a civil attorney YOU LEGALLY STILL HAVE TO REPRESENT THEM NO MATTER HOW ICK IT IS (this is what LAWYERS DO, they have NO CHOICE). She was essentially forced into it by her firm, and she made the guy take a polygraph test hoping that would prove him guilty. But when it didn’t prove him quilty (since he passed the polygraph ) she said she forever lost her faith in those tests. 

Also, just FYI, in case you’re looking for a law degree, please know that this is STILL required of attorneys today. If you request to get removed from a case because you don’t like it and the court keeps you on you are legally bound to do so irrespective of how you feel about it.

No one is saying that every it of what that man did isn’t super horrible or gross. 

But …

being legally bound to defend a rapist 

? being an advocate for rape. 

Also – bit of history for ya– despite this one gross case (among other civil cases no doubt) the Rose Law Firm she working for was known for actively taking cases for and defending groups like The Black Panthers. #tbt

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People need to know the truth.

i’m really relieved to hear this 

the greatest success of the republican party this election has been the demonization of Hillary Clinton, to the point where people actually believe she’s on the same level as trump.

she isn’t.


Jesus God, I hate Internet meme.

One of my mother’s dearest friends is a public defender and I can confirm the non-negotiable aspect of this. She’s told us stories of murder and rape cases where she’s had to defend people she knew were guilty. IT WAS NOT A CHOICE, it was her being legally required to fulfill the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS that even the most heinous criminals still have.

I’m so tired of trying to combat the literal lies and slanders people actually believe about Hillary. It’s exhausting.