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Today was hard for a couple reasons: the news of police killing more Black folks, the news of a seemingly lone wolf sniper killing police at an otherwise peaceful #blacklivesmatter protest, my fears about what repercussions that will have on Black communities and social justice movements, AND that it was extremely hot and humid. But the embodied acts of tending to plants, harvesting and threshing seed, giving water to thirsty beings who will in turn give food and seed to us – this was meaningful and better than being on a loop with the Internet or listening to mildly white supremacist talk radio (yep, talking about nice liberal NPR). I’m about to be away for a week co-facilitating a training at Soul Fire Farm, but if in the future you’d like to join me in an embodied tending to seed crops or even just to come sit in the shade at our seed collection or one of my Philly seed gardens, let me know. Here is Landis Winter Lettuce, going to flower and seed.