Ex-Vanderbilt football player pushed teammates to rape unconscious woman

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Ex-Vanderbilt football player pushed teammates to rape unconscious woman



“Prosecutors say a former Vanderbilt football player encouraged his team-mates to rape an unconscious woman whom he had been dating.

During opening statements Monday in the retrial of Brandon Vandenburg, a prosecutor said the former player even passed out condoms to three team-mates before the woman was raped.

But one of Vandenburg’s attorneys blamed the three other players, saying that maybe Vandenburg could have stopped the June 2013 attack but he shouldn’t be held responsible for what others did to her.

The defense attorney said Vandenburg had been drinking all day, and the 19-year-old new recruit had asked players he didn’t know to help him carry the unconscious woman to his dorm. He said the others were on her as soon as they got her in the room.”


I know most of the guys I argue with on Reddit about this kind of stuff would never once look at it this way, but whenever I see this kind of story (and we all know at what frequency they happen, sickening) all I can think is ‘Wow, it’s so bizarre, and so strange, that men are constantly asking us to trust them, and that it’s only a few bad apples ruining the reputation of the bunch, but… There’s four men, four random men, from different households, different parents, different siblings, different walks of life- teachers, school districts, friends… Four different men who come together and all of them are rapists at heart.’

Like, think about that- how all four of these guys didn’t have the conscience, the scruples, morals, ethics, whatever you want to call it, to not rape an unconscious and defenseless woman. If you got four random men together and had one of them posit that they should murder someone, do you think they’d all just go along with the murder? Or would one of them go ‘Um, yeah, maybe let’s not murder someone tonight Chad, that sounds like a really horrible idea’?

But rape, that’s on the table apparently. He didn’t even know those guys, he couldn’t have cherrypicked the ‘rapiest’ guys in the group or anything, they were new recruits that he didn’t know, and yet all four of them… Just, fucking hell.