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We’ve spent an hour discussing and reading about it and we still don’t know what exactly “pudding” means to British people

The explanations on
this post all basically seem to amount to “nobody knows.” I mean I can
wrap my head around it meaning “dessert,” or maybe “mushy things eaten
with a spoon” but there seem to be exceptions of every combination.I mean, just so we’re clear, pudding has ONE definition in America:

It’s flavored, thickened milk. Period. It can come in any flavor but it’s all immediately recognizable, eaten with a spoon or as pie filling.

When both a cake and a damn SAUSAGE can be called “pudding,” it’s time to give up and admit everything
in the UK is pudding. The sky is pudding. The people are pudding. They
drive their puddings to work at the pudding where they earn 11 puddings a
pudding. Sometimes it puddings pudding on pudding and the pudding
puddings, but that’s okay, pudding doesn’t mind because pudding



‘course coming from this perspective, you can understand why American pudding is such a disappointment to me.