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“gay marriage is legal, what more do YOU PEOPLE want????”

so many things, thanks for asking!

  • an end to conversion therapy for gay and trans youth
  • repeal of laws which legalize discrimination against lgbt+ people if it’s derived from “sincerely held religious beliefs”
  • recognition and protection for lgbt+ people on the international stage

  • reduction in the rates of suicide, depression, and homelessness among lgbt+ people
  • to be able to google ‘lesbian’ without seeing pornography
  • an end to the sexualization and fetishization of lgbt+ people in general, particularly wlw and transwomen
  • legislation to add workplace protections for trans and gay people in all 50 states
  • repeal of “bathroom bills” that bar trans folk from using the appropriate rest rooms
  • recognition and remembrance for the countless individuals who died from HIV/AIDS and repartitions for the survivors
  • an end to the “gay panic” and “trans panic” defenses
  • media representation that doesn’t end with the characters’ deaths
  • marriage equality was not the finish line.