Transphobic Bathroom Bill is Officially Collecting Signatures—Here’s Their Ballot Title and Number

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The anti-trans bathroom and locker room initiative being headed up by a campaign called Just Want Privacy is offically beginning the long slog of collecting signatures to qualify for the ballot. 

After challenging their ballot language numerous times, JWP was dealt a blow in the courts when the ballot title and language handed down (with no appeals left) was, well, accurate


Because that’s what this initiative would do—it would override the existing protections for trans folks under the state’s nondiscrimination language by requiring that they use not the restroom which best fits their identity, but rather, which fits their sex at birth.

This, of course, represents a basic misunderstanding/ignorance about trans individuals—not to mention in direct contradiction with, you know, medical science—but that’s sure not stopping these alleged humans from creating marketing materials like this:


Anyway, despite only having about two months and change to gather close to 300k signatures (GOOD LUCK), a feat which will likely take literal millions of dollars (which they are not exactly raking in, even with the help of all these bigots!) and may still not end with a spot on the November ballot.

As we have warned about before, this is 100% not actually about the safety of women and children (it, for example, would not have done anything to thwart this recent incident of bathroom grossness at SeaTac airport!). It will protect no women. What it will do is make trans and non binary folks in our community less safe, and will essentially legalize transphobia by business owners, patrons, and schools.

It’s a bad initiative. Don’t sign it. To help, we’ve updated out What to Sign guide:

Do you live in Washington? Are you going to any festivals or street fairs this summer? Print out this handy guide so you know which signature gatherers are worth you time and which you can ignore!